Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Piper Reed Gets A Job

Holt, Kimberly Willis. 2009. Piper Reed Gets a Job. Henry Holt. 160 pages.

Beep, beep. Six thirty. I turned off the alarm, threw off my covers, and popped out of bed. My insides did flip-flops. There was something exciting about the first day of school.

Piper Reed is excited (at first) to be entering fifth grade. Until she learns she's in the same classroom and has the same teacher. Why oh why (in her opinion) did mean old Ms. Gordon have to move to teaching fifth grade? Ms. Gordon is prejudiced against Piper--thinks she's one big mess, that's what--and school isn't turning out to be that much fun. Fortunately for Piper, she's soon distracted, and school becomes the very last thing on her mind.

What is Piper dreaming about these days? Well, she wants her Gypsy Club to have a clubhouse. And she thinks it will take $1,999.99. (Which is so not the same as $2,000. And don't even try explaining tax to young Piper.) Can Piper think of a clever way to earn money? Piper tries doing lots of different jobs in this book. And it turns into quite a funny ordeal. Can Piper (and her sisters) learn the value of money?

Piper reminded me so much of myself. The way this girl procrastinates. The way she pushes the homework out of her mind completely. The way she's able to find time for everything else in her life. It was definitely enjoyable to read this third adventure with Piper!

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