Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Spy Fly Guy

Arnold, Tedd. 2009. I Spy Fly Guy! Scholastic.

A boy had a pet fly.
He named him Fly Guy.
Fly Guy could say
the boy's name--

This is the newest adventure of Buzz (the boy) and Fly Guy (the fly).
In this early reader, we get to see what happens when Buzz and Fly Guy play hide and seek. Fly Guy is a bit predictable. (Who would have ever guessed.) And he always has one hiding spot--the garbage can. But what happens when the garbage man interrupts their game? Read and see for yourself in I Spy Fly Guy!

This is my first time reviewing a Fly Guy book, though this isn't the first one that I've read. I liked it well enough. And I think if I was five or six then I might find them giggly fun. The book is silly and fun and predictable.

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