Monday, October 19, 2009

Duck and Cover

Urbanovic, Jackie. 2009. Duck and Cover. HarperCollins.

Duck and Cover is a sequel to the very cute Duck at the Door. (There's also one called Duck Soup which I haven't read yet.) Some of you may remember what happened when a duck showed up at the door. But what happens alligator does! When Harold the Gator shows up at the door what are Max and all his pals to do? Should they protect this little green fellow even if he does have sharp teeth? And do all these animals fear him for a good reason?

It's a cute and playful book. Very funny.

If you enjoyed the first in the series (or the second, I'm assuming) this one will appeal to you. And if you haven't read the others, then this one might just encourage you to pick them up!

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