Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Don't Want A Posh Dog

Dodd, Emma. 2009. I Don't Want A Posh Dog! Little, Brown.

This is rhyming adventure for dog-lovers. (Though I don't think you really have to be a dog lover to get joy out of this one!) What does one little girl want in a dog? Read and see for yourself...

I don't want a posh dog.
A blow-dry-when-washed dog.

I don't want a bouncy dog.
A jump-up-and-pounce-me dog.

You get the idea. After listing the types of dogs she doesn't want, she then describes the one she really wants.
I just want a silly dog.
A sweet willy-nilly dog.

A not-too-proud or loud dog.
A know-me-in-the-crowd dog.
I loved this one. It's cute. It's silly. It's fun. It really couldn't get any better than this. I just love it when the rhythm and rhyme work, really work. This one just begs to be read aloud. It begs to get giggled at. It begs to be shared. Again. And Again. And perhaps it would even inspire kids to write their own verses?!

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