Friday, October 2, 2009

Archie and the Pirates

Rosenthal, Marc. 2009. Archie and the Pirates. HarperCollins.

After a night dreaming of drifting and floating...
Archie awakes to find himself on a strange beach.
He does not know where he is, and he is starting to get hungry!
There is no time to worry because...

I like monkeys. I like pirates. So it only stands to reason that I would like this little adventure by Marc Rosenthal. Archie is a smart little monkey. True, he might not always be a brave little monkey. But he's resourceful. Clever. A good friend to have around. As some of the island animals learn!

This one has plenty of story. Lots of text which might call for a longer attention span. But, it's a fun story. How could a story about pirates not be fun? And the illustrations are great. If your little one loves monkeys, then this one may be just right for you!

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