Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Polar

Murphy, Yannick. 2009. Baby Polar. Illustrated by Kristen Balouch. Clarion Books. Releases November 2009.

Baby Polar stood between his mother's legs. He imagined she was a cave. Only the cave wasn't made of stone or rock, but of her thick fur and warm body. Baby Polar liked it there. He didn't feel the icy wind there. And he could hear the beating of his mother's heart.

Baby Polar always feels safe when he's with his mother. Always. But what happens when he gets separated from her on a snowy day? When the day begins, Baby Polar is excited. It's snowing. And new snow means fun, fun, fun. He is having quite the time playing. But then he realizes that his mother isn't there. Where is she? What's a baby polar to do? Read and see for yourself in Baby Polar.

Did I like this one? I liked it. It was sweet. It was cute. It's a fun enough book about the mother-son connection. The need to explore on one's own and be a little independent, yet feel safe and secure and always connected with one's family, one's parent.

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