Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Riddell, Chris. 2008. Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. HarperCollins. 171 pages.

This one is short. Very short. At least if you're an adult reading it! I finished it in about thirty minutes. Which reminds me, if I was eight and needing a book to write a report on or give a report on...I so would have chosen something like this! Because there are illustrations here, there, and everywhere. Some pages are mainly illustrations with only a few sentences. (In other words, this is a book Alice would have wanted to read too!)

Anyway, Ottoline is our heroine. She lives with Mr. Monroe, a hairy little guy from a bog. (Her parents travel the world and aren't in the picture much except for sending her postcards every now and then.) The book is a funny mystery. It's the start of a series too. So this one has many different reasons why it could be an appealing choice for young readers in the mid-elementary grades.

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