Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug!

Emberley, Ed. 2007. Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug!

This book is delightful. Not that I want to over-use that word, but it's just a fun little book that I think is perfect for one-on-one reading aloud. (As opposed to sharing with a classroom group or library story-time.) The action starts even on the title page with three itty-bitty baby bugs. One says: "Listen!" Another says, "What's that?"And the third says, "Do you hear something?" Soon they see what appears to be a space ship getting closer and closer and closer. When it lands, the itty-bitty baby bugs learn along with the readers that he is the "Big Bad Bullybug!"

Page by page the suspense builds as the Big Bad Bullybug reveals all the reasons why he is "big" "bad" and a "bully." For example, "I have three mean green eyes for scaring itty-bitty baby bugs." And "I have sharp white teeth for biting itty-bitty baby bugs." It continues revealing with each page and each cutaway illustration just how big-and-bad this bully monster is.

But the Big Bad Bullybug, as big as he bad as he is...doesn't know this...the itty-bitty bugs have a friend and protector. Someone who is a champion of the little guy. (Or should I say the itty-bitty baby bugs.)

As I said, this one is just fun. And satisfying.

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