Friday, July 11, 2008

A Girl, A Boy, And Three Robbers

Gauthier, Gail. 2008. A Girl, A Boy, and Three Robbers. Illustrated by Joe Cepeda.

This chapter book is so much fun that I just don't think I could do it justice. It's fun. It's funny. It's just a joy to read. (It is the second in a series, but I haven't read the first.) Hannah and Brandon are friends. Mostly. Brandon stays at Hannah's house several days a week after school. While there, Hannah loves to play all sorts of imaginative games with him. Brandon? Well, he'd rather some of these "games" take place near the TV.

In this book, we are introduced to three "robbers." These robbers are really three neighbors, three siblings (a pair of twins and a younger brother). The Sunderlands. Rose and Owen. Conor. These kids take a very special interest in Hannah's "monster" cat Buttercup.

That's just the surface story. This one you'll really just need to trust me on. Brandon is a great narrator, and I think this book has something for everyone.

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