Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tap Dancing on the Roof

I've enjoyed many of Linda Sue Park's books through the years. And I was pleased to discover her book of poetry, Tap Dancing On the Roof, a collection of sijo poems. (There is an introduction to explain just what sijo means.) The poems cover a wide variety of topics--most of them every day activities from reading, eating, playing sports, school, etc. Here is my favorite from the book:


Hurry, wash fast, sister's used up most of the hot water again. Soap, scrub, rinse. Rub and wrap. Hair shining, skin glowing, smelling fine: From a tiled cocoon, a butterfly with terrycloth wings.

While that one is my favorite, there are many other enjoyable poems found within Tap Dancing On the Roof. I didn't love the illustrations. I found them a bit boring and uninviting. But the text itself, the poems themselves are quite nice.

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