Sunday, July 6, 2008

Say Hello

Foreman, Jack & Michael. 2008. Say Hello.

Sometimes less is more. Such is the case with Say Hello by Jack & Michael Foreman. This book is simple. Very simple. But it is in its very simplicity that it shines, that it works. Say Hello is a story about feeling left out, feeling alone, being on the outside looking in. It's a story of friendship too. Being brave enough to say hello. Brave enough to join in. Brave enough to smile. Brave enough to try to make new friends wherever you may go.

Perfect for those kids on the shy side.

Product description:

This striking book, written and illustrated by a father and son, reminds us all that it doesn't take much to say hello when a child is feeling left out and alone. This thought-provoking tale is brought to life with Michael Foreman's stark, evocative illustrations and offers an uplifting message.

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