Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bunny Fun

Weeks, Sarah. 2008. Bunny Fun.

I don't know that Bunny Fun is what I'd call a great book, but it is a fun book. And that counts for something in my opinion. It's predictable. It's repetitive. It's interactive. It's rhythmic. It's cute, but not near the border of cutesy-wutesy. This is how it begins,

"Drip-drop rainy day.
Bunny can't go out to play.
Waiting for the sunny sun,
time to have some . . ."

You guessed it..."Bunny Fun!" This bunny and mouse team get into some trouble indoors--much like in the classic book The Cat and the Hat. (Except, this pair don't need any outside encouragement to make a mess of things. I don't think many kids do though!!! I know I certainly made more than my fair share of messes.)

The book is playful. The illustrations are bright and cheerful. This is one I'm happy to recommend.

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