Friday, July 18, 2008

Snugglebug meets Big Fish, Little Fish

Heck, Ed. 2007. Big Fish Little Fish.

Since Miss Becky already reviewed the concept of Big Fish Little Fish, SnuggleBug will focus on the desirability of the same book.

Snugglebug loved, loved, loved this book. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and they have shiny areas on the pictures that really captured his interest. Upon seeing the cover alone, his eyes lit up, and he smiled a big smile. He let out a joyful sound when he saw the illustrations inside.

The oversized pages are great, too. They are easy for him to grasp and turn, and he loves to turn the pages. SnuggleBug also noted that the book tasted good, too. The cover is made of a firm plastic and not cardboard. Ladybug noted that since everything goes in SnuggleBug's mouth right now, this is one book that will withstand teething.

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  1. Can you spot the cat? Look at the other pics of Snugglebug, too.