Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silly Little Goose

Silly Little Goose by Nancy Tafuri. 2010. [February 2010]. Scholastic. 13 pages.

One windy morning, Goose sets out to make a nest.

Can this 'silly' goose find the perfect place to make a nest? Can she find the perfect place to hatch her eggs? This goose has a mission to find the perfect someplace. What does it take to be that perfect someplace? Read and see for yourself in Nancy Tafuri's Silly Little Goose.

I liked the repetitiveness of this one. As each time Goose tries (and fails) to find that perfect someplace, readers can join in with the refrain of "Silly Little Goose!"

I also liked the illustrations. The story they tell within the book. How the illustrations provide clues right from the start. If you catch them. If you know where to look. (For the record, I never catch onto these clues until the second or third reading. That's why I try to read every picture book a few times before I sit down to write up the review.)

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