Monday, February 8, 2010

Kiss, Kiss

Kiss Kiss by Selma Mandine. Translated by Michelle Williams. 2009. [December 2009] Random House. 32 pages.

What's a kiss like?

How would you answer a teddy bear? If a teddy asked you to describe what a kiss is like? Find out how one small child does just that in this playful and loving book entitled Kiss Kiss. Readers learn that there are many different kinds of kisses: supersoft, prickly, noisy, chocolatey, wet, etc. You see, it all depends on who is doing the kissing. A kiss from your grandma is way different than a kiss from your dog!

Everybody gives you lots of kisses.
Yes, because everybody loves me. I get plenty of kisses from everyone!
Will this bear (who looks like he's been made real, by the way) finally understand what a kiss is...or will someone (I bet that you can guess who!) have to show him?

It's a cute book. Originally published in France, by the way.

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