Saturday, February 20, 2010

Captain Small Pig

Captain Small Pig. Martin Waddell. Illustrated by Susan Varley. 2010. [March 2010] Peachtree Press. 32 pages.

One day Old Goat and Turkey took Small Pig down to Blue Lake. They found a little red boat. "I want to go for a row!" Small Pig said, dancing about. "Turkeys don't go in boats," Turkey said. "Neither do goats," said Old Goat, but he climbed into the boat, and they rowed off onto Blue Lake.

Small Pig is off for a day of fun. A day of adventure. A day of new experiences. With two good friends by his side. Turkey. Old Goat. Small Pig. A day with such possibilities! A day Small Pig will never forget!

As the adventure unfolds, readers are introduced to some colorful characters. Grumpy Turkey who always has to complain. About every little thing. (I think I've been around some Turkeys in my day.) And lovable Old Goat. Who is a more positive friend.

I don't know why I liked this one. I admit it's a bit odd. But I did like it. I found it worked in a quirky delightful kind of way.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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