Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Night, Little Bunny

Good Night, Little Bunny: A Touch and Feel Bedtime Story. Jane Yolen. Illustrated by Sam Williams. 2010. [January 2010] Simon & Schuster. 12 pages.

Stars are shining brightly. The moon is overhead. Come, little bunny. Now it's time for bed.

This little bunny is getting ready for bed. It's time for pajamas, teeth-brushing, and bedtime-story-reading. And let's not forget the all-too-important kiss goodnight. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this bedtime board book. It's got cute illustrations in soft and gentle colors. The text rhymes a bit. It does have touch-and-feel elements on each page. Which is nice.

Text previously published as Bedtime for Bunny. The illustrations are new.

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  1. The front cover looks inviting. What's the touch and feel aspect of the book like?