Friday, May 24, 2019

The Marvelous, Amazing, Pig-tastic Gracie LaRoo

The Marvelous, Amazing, Pig-Tastic Gracie LaRoo. Marsha Qualey. Illustrated by Kristyna Litten. 2018. 128 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Gracie LaRoo was in the air.

Premise/plot: The Marvelous, Amazing, Pig-Tastic Gracie LaRoo is a collection of four early chapter books. It contains Gracie LaRoo at Pig Jubilee, Gracie LaRoo on the Big Screen, Gracie LaRoo Sets Sail, and Gracie LaRoo Goes to School. Each contains four chapters.

In the first story, Gracie Laroo at Pig Jubilee, readers meet Gracie LaRoo. She's the youngest member of a world-famous synchronized swimming team--the Water Sprites. The team is getting ready to perform at a global competition. Will they win? Will they lose? If they lose will it be Gracie LaRoo's fault?

In the second story, Gracie LaRoo is getting ready to make a guest appearance in her first movie. Will filming go as planned? The director has a definite vision of how the shoot is supposed to go...but things don't go all that smoothly. Can Gracie live up to expectations?

In the third story, the Water Sprites have a gig on a cruise ship. But will the audience love them or hate them? Will the team be fired after a very disappointing first performance?

In the fourth story, Gracie LaRoo is returning to her old school. Not as a student, mind you, but as a guest speaker. Will she be intimidated by her former principal and teachers? Or will she find a way to shine?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. I thought the illustrations were super-adorable. Some of the stories I loved, loved, loved. Others I liked well enough. Overall, I think the book has more strengths than weaknesses.

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