Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Louise and the Class Pet

Louise and the Class Pet. (Louise #2) Laura Driscoll. Illustrated by Kelly Light. 2018. [December] 32 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: This is going to be the best weekend ever! I have a friend staying over. This friend is super sweet. This friend is super cute. This friend is warm and cuddly and...furry.

Premise/plot: Louise and Art are back for another adventure in their early reader series. (Readers may have first met these siblings in two picture books by Kelly Light.) Louise has brought home the classroom pet for the weekend. Art seems interested. But perhaps not as interested as their own pet, a cat. But are the cat's motives pure?! Louise and Art may have a busy weekend trying to keep the class pet safe.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed Louise Loves Bake Sales. But I had a harder time getting enthusiastic about this one. Pigcasso, the guinea pig, is adorable...as is the cat. I think this one may work better animated as a cartoon. I think the humor of this one almost depends on envisioning it in action. I wouldn't mind a Louise cartoon at all. That would be a wonderful new show; I'm imagining it PBS style.

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