Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Harold & Hog Pretend for Real

Harold & Hog Pretend for Real. Dan Santat. 2019. Hyperion. 64 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Hey, Hog! Let's pretend to be Elephant and Piggie!

Premise/plot: Harold & Hog Pretend For Real! is one of the books in the series Elephant & Piggie Like Reading. The books in this series are introduced by...you guessed it...Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie. In this one, two best friends Hog and Harold decide (though one of them reluctantly) to play pretend. They will PRETEND to be two of their favorite characters Gerald and Piggie. But there's a slight problem to this imaginative role play. Harold is NOTHING like Gerald. Hog is nothing like Piggie. Can these two figure out a way to make this role play work?

My thoughts: I love, love, love, love Elephant and Piggie. Probably even more than Harold and Hog do. Probably. Mo Willems' books have a tendency to make me gushy and wave my arms about when I book talk them. (And believe me I do book talk them.) So I love, love, love the idea of these characters playing pretend and "becoming" their favorite characters. These two know their characters. And just like the Elephant and Piggie books these two will have to problem solve together to find a solution. So in many ways, the two pairs of friends are quite similar. Speaking of solutions, I absolutely love the solution these two come up with!!! And I love how Gerald and Piggie pop back up at the end of the book. It's just a hoot!

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