Wednesday, January 15, 2020

8. The Return of Thelma the Unicorn

The Return of Thelma the Unicorn. Aaron Blabey. 2019. [December] 36 pages. [Source: Review copy] [Picture book; animal fantasy]

First sentence: Thelma felt a little shocked. In fact, she felt quite torn. You see, she’d made the whole world sad—WE MISSED OUR UNICORN!

Premise/plot: Thelma, our heroine, returns to “being” a unicorn, returns to the spotlight, in Blabey’s sequel. This time Thelma has the support of a very good friend, Otis.

My thoughts: I have not read the first book. (If I have it was so forgettable that I don’t remember doing so.) I enjoyed this one. I enjoyed Thelma and Otis. I thought the rhyming worked well. Did I love it? I would not go that far. Unicorns aren’t quite my thing. I thought it was cute and enjoyable. Little ones that do love all things unicorn will find it super appealing.

Illustrations: 4/5
Total: 7/10

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