Monday, January 20, 2020

11. Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities. Shannon Messenger. 2012. 496 pages. [Source: Library] [MG Fiction. MG Fantasy. MG Speculative Fiction, J Fantasy, J Speculative Fiction]

First sentence: Blurry, fractured memories swam through Sophie’s mind, but she couldn’t piece them together. She tried opening her eyes and found only darkness.

Premise/plot: Sophie, our heroine, has spent her life—all twelve years—trying to be invisible, stay invisible. This isn’t easy since she’s a prodigy—a senior in high school at age 12. But on a class field trip she’s mesmerized by a stranger and his message to her. His name is Fitz and—like her—he’s an elf. She may live with humans, been raised by humans, but she’s an elf and belongs with her own kind. Surprise! Sophie believes him realizing all the zillions of clues in her life pointing to how she’s not like her parents, her sister, or even her classmates. Of course she’s an elf!!! So away to a lost city and elf school she goes...her life may never be the same. But her gifts may not protect her from those that wish her harm. (She’s a telepath.)

My thoughts: As an adult who has read hundreds of middle grade fantasy novels this one has a same same feel to it. This isn’t terrible, especially if you’re in the target audience. If you enjoy this one there are literally dozens of other series that are similar. You can move from one series to the next, enjoying them all immensely. No doubt this one is enjoyable and entertaining. Plenty of humor, a dash or two of suspense, a sprinkling of surprises. I didn’t love, love, love it as an adult reader. But I definitely liked it. Just not as much as say The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I would recommend it to kids.

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