Monday, January 14, 2019

Sprinkle Sundays #3 The Purr-fect Scoop

The Purr-fect Scoop (Sprinkle Sundays #3) Coco Simon. 2018. 160 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I knew it had to be there somewhere! I just had to find it.

Premise/plot: The Purr-fect Scoop is the third book in Coco Simon's Sprinkle Sundays series for young readers.  In the first book, Allie's parents get divorced. Allie moves with her mom and brother to a nearby town. She misses her best friends Tamiko and Sierra very much. Fortunately, these three friends find a way to be together each and every week. The second book is narrated by Tamiko. The third book is narrated by Sierra.

Sierra loves spending time with her best friends at the ice cream shop, but she doesn't always find it easy to get there on time. She's got a hundred things on her mind, and, all are calling for her attention. It doesn't help her focus any when her parents--vets--bring home a mama cat and her three kittens to foster. There is much adorableness to be had at home. Plus there is increasing tension between her and her twin sister. Will Sierra find a way to balance her super-busy life?

My thoughts: This may be my favorite of the three books. I love character-driven novels. This seems more character-driven than the previous two. I thought the characterization of Sierra and her family was well done. I would recommend this series. 

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