Friday, January 4, 2019

Sprinkle Sundays #2 Cracks in the Cone

Cracks in the Cone (Sprinkle Sundays #2) Coco Simon. 2018. 161 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: My best friend Allie squeezed my hand. "Happy Sprinkle Sunday," she whispered to me. Then she whispered the same thing into our other best friend Sierra's ear.

Premise/plot: Cracks in the Cone is the second book in the Sprinkle Sunday series. In the first book, Allie's parents get divorced. Allie moves with her mom and brother to a nearby town. She misses her best friends Tamiko and Sierra very much. Fortunately, these three friends find a way to be together each and every week. Tamiko and Sierra are hired by Allie's mom to work in her new ice cream shop. The second book, Cracks in the Cone, is narrated by Tamiko. At first Tamiko is super-super excited at the idea of having a job. But she learns that having a job means actually working and that actually working means working hard even when it's not fun at all. Will Tamiko quit when the going gets tough? Or will Sierra and Allie talk her into staying?

My thoughts: I like this series. I do. It's the kind of series that I probably would have loved, loved, loved growing up. I like the themes of friendship and family that are strong in both books. Tamiko is a bit naive thinking that her ideas should automatically be put into practice in a new business--or an old business for that matter. But I'm happy to overlook that because the series is enjoyable.

I will happily keep reading as the library gets new books.

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