Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Board book: A Little Book About Spring

A Little Book About Spring. Julie Hamilton. Illustrated by Leo Lionni. 2019. Random House. 28 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Hello, Spring. I'm so glad to see you. You make the trees bud...the flowers bloom...and the baby birds chirp in their nests.

Premise/plot: This book features classic illustrations and/or illustrations inspired by Leo Lionni's classic characters. This board book celebrates the season of SPRING.

My thoughts: I wish it was a little bit more transparent who did what when. The two people credited with the work are Leo Lionni and Julie Hamilton. Yet it doesn't say who wrote the text or who did the illustrations. The characters are all Leo Lionni. But is Julie Hamilton just illustrating in the style of Leo Lionni? Did she write the text to accompany the illustrations? If she didn't write the text, who did? (Leo Lionni has been dead since 1999.) 

Regardless of all that, is the story good? It is what it is. I personally will never get gushy about a book celebrating seasons. The text is simple and predictable. Not a bad thing for a concept board book about a season of the year. (Weather is usually more simple and predictable in children's books than in real life.) But I do like it.

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