Saturday, September 8, 2018

Board book: First French Words

First French Words. Sam Hutchinson. Illustrated by Clare Beaton. 2018. 20 pages. [Source: Library]

Premise/plot: Each two-page spread has a theme: Food, Toys, Family, Animals, Clothes, Transport, Colors, Numbers, Weather, and Wild Animals. On each spread a number of words are shared with little ones. The words appear in French and English. (There is a pronunciation guide). Each word is also illustrated.

Some of the words included:
  • le pain (bread)
  • la glace (ice cream)
  • le fromage (cheese)
  • les patins a roulettes (skates)
  • le tricycle (tricycle)
  • la mere (mother)
  • le pere (father)
  • les cousins (cousins)
  • le chat (cat)
  • la souris (mouse)
  • la poule (chicken)
  • le chapeau (hat)
  • le pantalon (trousers)
  • le tee-shirt (T-shirt)
  • le tracteur (tractor)
  • le train (train)
  • la pelleteuse (digger)
  • noir (black)
  • orange (orange)
  • blanc (white)
  • rouge (red)
  • un (one)
  • deux (two)
  • trois (three)
  • le soleil (sun)
  • le tonnerre (thunder)
  • la neige (snow)
  • le lion (lion)
  • l'elephant (elephant)
  • le crocodile (crocodile)

My thoughts: I liked this one. It won't really help you learn French. No one speaks just in nouns after all. And also the text is somewhat limited to what is easy to illustrate. There isn't a spread covering conversations or etiquette. I suppose there wouldn't be an easy way to illustrate phrases like "How are you?" "Yes" "No" "I don't know" "Please" "Thank you" "You're Welcome."

As a refresher course for adults who have studied French, it is fun.

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