Monday, March 1, 2010

Tag, You're It: Explaining The Labels I Use At Young Readers

This week, the Blog Improvement Project is "Organizing Your Categories and Tags".

Which labels do I use on my posts...and why?

The first 'category' of labels I use to classify my posts are the intended audience:

board books
picture books
early readers
chapter books

There are a few additional ones that have slowly but surely found their way into this first mix:

picture books for older readers
J Fiction
read aloud (this one is begging for help; it's a messy, messy label having an identity crisis!)

I've been using these general categories from the beginning.

The next set of categories has to do with the book itself and how it got into my hands:

library book
review copy
borrowed book

I also label the publishing company for each book. I do this so that I have a handy way of letting publishers know which of their books I've reviewed. I won't list each of those labels here. They can be found in the sidebar.

I also choose to label each book with the year of its publication. It may not matter to you if a book was published in 2006 or 2009. But it matters to me. This is especially especially helpful to me when I'm looking to see what books I've read from the current year.

Miscellaneous Labels. For better or worse, I have a lot of labels. But I don't think that's a bad thing. Here's why. If you don't have a widget in your sidebar displaying all of your labels--which in my case would be very ugly--then what harm is there in having lots of labels? An example of some of my 'miscellaneous labels'

animals (don't laugh; this is one of my biggest categories)
concept books (alphabet, counting, seasons, colors, etc.)
international literature (books originally published outside the U.S.)
bedtime books (books about going to bed)
friendship (books about friends, of course)
family (books about families)

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