Friday, March 19, 2010

Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Mercy Watson Fights Crime. Kate DiCamillo. Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. 2006. Candlewick. 80 pages.

Mr. Watson and Mrs. Watson have a pig named Mercy. Each night, they sing the pig to sleep. Then they go to bed.

This book concerns what happens one night when Mr. and Mrs. Watson (and Mercy) do not sleep soundly in their beds. (And no, this isn't because Mercy breaks their bed again.) No, this is what happens when a wanna-be-cowboy breaks into their house. He's a thief. Leroy Ninker is his name. And the noise he makes--particularly the noise he makes handling the toaster--awaken Mercy from her sleep. Will Mercy stop this burglar? Will she save the day again?

This is the third book in the Mercy Watson series. What I like best about this series are the characters. How Kate DiCamillo can say so much in so few words. How well she shows readers instead of telling them.

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