Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Christmas, David!

It's Christmas, David! David Shannon. 2010. Scholastic. 32 pages.

At Christmastime, everyone always said...No David!
No peeking!
No snitching!
Those are not toys!
Santa's watching, David!
Be patient!

I've actually never read any of Shannon's "David" books before. (No, David!, David Gets In Trouble, David Goes to School, David Smells, Oh, David!, Oops, etc. Did you know that there was a "Diaper David" set of board books featuring a younger David? I didn't!)

At least I don't remember reading any of the David books in my blogging days--and I think I would remember David if I had. Because David is just like that. A kid so "bad" that there's something charming about him.

In It's Christmas, David,  our "hero" struggles to make it through December. Can David be "good enough" to please Santa? Will he be good enough to get all the things on his list? Or at least some of the things on his list? (It's a LONG, LONG list.)

It's a funny book. David does get into some trouble--how can he help it? But it's easy to understand why David is tempted to be "bad." (It is hard to not want to peek at presents or steal christmas cookies. And it's hard to be patient while waiting in line.)

I would definitely recommend this one.

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