Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brand New Readers: Winter Fun

Brand New Readers: Winter Fun! Various. 2010. Candlewick Press. 80 pages. 

Are you familiar with Candlewick Press' Brand New Readers series? I've reviewed a few of these in the past. This fall, they released the Brand New Readers Winter Fun boxed set. It includes ten stories: Worm Watches by Kathy Caple, Otter Makes Bubbles by Christine Webster, Beeper and Stomp by Carole Lexa Schaefer, Sledding by David Martin, Eddie in a Jam by Catherine Friend, Monkey the Mummy by David Martin, Tabby Cat's Scarf by Phyllis Root, Edna's New Coat by Margaret Park Bridges, It's Snowing by David Martin, and Edna Bakes Cookies by Margaret Park Bridges. This collection also includes a foldout poster with stickers to track books you've children read (all on their own), a parent/teacher guide to make reading a success, a certificate of achievement (for when they've mastered these ten books), and a bonus "make-your-own" book that they can write/illustrate.

Each story is (by necessity) simple (and short). But just because they're simple, doesn't mean they're boring. Many are quite funny!

Here is the text from Edna Bakes Cookies.

Edna puts butter in the bowl. 
Edna stirs the batter.
She tastes the batter.
She tastes MORE batter.
Edna licks the spoon.
No more batter!

Other collections include: Brand New Readers Purple Set, Blue Set, Red Set, Orange Set, Green Set, and Summer Fun,

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