Friday, December 17, 2010

All The Things I Love About You

All The Things I Love About You. LeUyen Pham. 2010. November 2010. HarperCollins. 40 pages.

There are oh so many things I love about you. 
I love the way your hair looks in the morning.
I love how you look in pajamas.
Although getting you out of them is another story.
I you eat.
I love watching you play with Papa.

I loved, loved, loved LeUyen Pham's Big Sister, Little Sister, so I was VERY excited to see she had a new book: All The Things I Love About You. I was NOT disappointed! This one is so sweet, so adorable, and oh-so-true! In this one, a mom is sharing the many-many ways she loves her child--her baby. In this case, it's a boy. But it wouldn't have to be a boy. All of the sentiment could just as easily be expressed for a dear baby girl!

This one is focused on the family, on the intimate scenes of family life. From the "struggles" of getting a little one dressed in the morning, to the sweet little hugs, to the sloppy mealtimes, etc. Through text and illustration, this family comes to life for readers.

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  1. I missed your Young Readers' reviews. Glad they're back. Thanks!

    Jean Reagan