Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Nose to Baby Toes

Baby Nose to Baby Toes. Vicky Ceelen. 2009. Random House. 24 pages.

Tippy-top of baby's head.
Fuzzy little duckling's head.
Bright-eyed baby looks at you.
Bright-eyed fawn is peeping too.
Cranky, crying baby howls.
Grumpy, grouchy lion cub growls.

Baby Nose to Baby Toes is the follow-up to Baby! Baby! Both board books feature photographs of babies and animals. These photographs are placed side-by-side. The photographs are meant to complement one another. This second book features rhyming text. (The first book--at least the edition I had was wordless. Though it still puzzles me that in the publisher description online it said it paired photographs with simple text.) Some of these pairs worked better than others. For example, I liked the saggy, baggy elephant legs paired with wrinkly, crinkly baby thighs.

Overall, I thought the first book was cuter. Some of the pairs in this second one  I just didn't get--or didn't like. For example, the last pair which shows a sleeping baby and buggy-eyed frog. (Those pictures--in my opinion--had nothing to do with one another. Baby eyes--neither awake or asleep--don't look slimy, froggy, or buggy-eyed.)

If you are looking for board books with photographs, I'd recommend All About Me! A Baby's Guide to Babies, Margaret Miller's Baby Faces, Margaret Miller's I Love Colors, Margaret Miller's Baby Food, and Margaret Miller's What's On My Head?

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