Saturday, July 17, 2010


Stinky. Eleanor Davis. 2008. Toon Books 40 pages.

It's morning in Stinky's Cave...
Time to wake up, Wartbelly!

Stinky is a monster. He has a pet toad named Wartbelly. He loves everything smelly and slimy and muddy. He loves living in a swamp. His life would be oh-so-perfect if there wasn't a town on the other side of the swamp. Because as great as Stinky is, he isn't flawless. Stinky fears one thing. Kids. Why doesn't he like kids. Well, he doesn't like kids because kids like baths; kids like things like apples and cakes. Kids don't like gross things. But. One day Stinky notices a kid in his swamp. And this kid has built a treehouse. It looks like this kid is going to be in his territory for the duration. What's a stinky swamp monster to do?

Read and see in Stinky!

I really enjoyed this one! It was very funny.

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