Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Rocket Learned to Read

How Rocket Learned to Read. Tad Hills. 2010. July 2010. Random House. 40 pages.
Rocket loved to play. He loved to chase leaves and chew sticks. He loved to listen to the birds sing.
Every fall morning, after chasing leaves, Rocket would lie down in his favorite spot under his favorite tree. There he'd sniff the neighborhood smells and settle in for a good nap.
One day--while Rocket is happily snoozing--he is interrupted by a small yellow bird. A bird who proclaims herself a teacher. A bird who says that his favorite favorite napping spot is her classroom. Rocket never meant to become so interested in reading--in learning--but he finds the stories Bird reads to be irresistible. He can't help but want to learn to read after hearing her read such great books. So the instruction begins...

I loved How Rocket Learned to Read. I thought it was adorable. Not adorable in the oh-how-precious way. But in the that was so fun, so charming way. I found Rocket and his teacher, the little bird, to be a charming pair. I loved the bird's enthusiasm and passion. Like Rocket, I see how this teacher-bird would be difficult to argue with! I loved Rocket's growing enthusiasm as well. I loved how bird was able to gently tease him into her classroom. (That spread was my favorite.)

I loved the illustrations for this one as well.

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  1. I ordered this one for my daughter. Rocket is such a cute dog. Reminds me a little of the dog in Harry the Dirty Dog.

  2. Did you see the video for this book? It is so cute! I found it at

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