Friday, July 16, 2010

Mo and Jo Fighting Together Forever

Mo and Jo Fighting Together Forever. Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch. 2008. Toon Books. 40 pages.

Let go, Joey! It's MY turn to play.
Get your stick hands OFF, Mona!

Mona and Joey are always fighting. And since they're brother and sister, well, that's a problem. One thing these two do have in common is a love for the same superhero. They both love The Mighty Mojo. One day in the midst of yet another argument, these two get a surprise. The Mighty Mojo himself is leaving these two children his costume--the costume has all his superpowers. He's retiring, you see, and he thinks these two would be a good replacement. The suit gets ripped in half--obviously, because these two are fighting, fighting, fighting--but their mom is able to piece together two suits. One reading Mo, the other reading Jo. Will these two ever find a way to get along with one another?

It's a silly book with a good message. I liked it.

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