Friday, July 30, 2010

Ferocious Wild Beasts!

Ferocious Wild Beasts! by Chris Wormell. 2009. December 2009. Random House. 32 pages.
A bear was strolling in the forest one day...when he met a small boy, sitting on a tree stump, looking rather sad.
"What's the matter?" asked the bear.
"I'm lost," sniffed the boy, "and I'm in terrible trouble."
"Dear me, why's that?" inquired the bear.
"Because my mom said I must never go into the forest," replied the boy, "but I did. And now I'm lost!"
"Don't worry!" said the bear with a laugh. "I'll soon show you the way out. The forest isn't so bad, you know."
"It is!" declared the boy. "My mom says the forest is full of ferocious wild beasts!"
"Really?" said the bear.
I loved, loved, loved Ferocious Wild Beasts! It's a very funny picture book. It stars a boy and a diverse cast of 'ferocious wild beasts' of the forest: a bear, an elephant, a lion, a wolf, a python, and a crocodile. As the boy tells his new friends about the dangers lurking in the forest--how wild, hairy beasts abound and are ready to jump out at you from the shadows, that they like eating lions best, etc--his new friends become more and more frightened.

Ferocious Wild Beasts makes a wonderful read aloud! I highly recommend it!

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