Monday, July 26, 2010

Oscar and the Snail

Oscar and the Snail: A Book About Things We Use. Geoff Waring. 2009. Candlewick. 32 pages.
One morning, Oscar was out in the garden, exploring. He found a nest.
Along slid Snail.
"The birds are building it to keep their eggs safe," Snail said.
"What do they make it from?" Oscar asked.
"Different things," Snail said. "The outside needs to be strong to keep out the weather, so birds use twigs and leaves and roots for that job. The inside needs to be soft to sit in," Snail went on, "so they use moss and spiderwebs for that job."
"And feathers!" said Oscar.
"Oh, yes," said Snail. "Feathers help to hold the air in...and keep the nest warm."
Oscar is the curious kitten who is the star of Geoff Waring's Start with Science series published by Candlewick. In each book, Oscar meets an animal--a snail, a bat, a cricket, a moth--who becomes his friend. Oscar asks questions, dozens of questions. And through conversation, he learns about the world around him. In the case of Oscar and the Snail, he learns about "the things we use." He begins to ask questions about the things we use--glass, plastic, bricks. He learns where such things come from--how they're made, why they're made, etc.

The series is designed to present basic concepts to children about the world around them in an age-appropriate way.

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