Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Black Circle (39 Clues #5)

The Black Circle (The 39 Clues #5) Patrick Carman. 2009. Scholastic. 176 pages.

Amy Cahill liked to be the first one up in the morning. But not if it was because someone was screaming outside her hotel-room door.

The first four in the series are: The Maze of Bones, One False Note, The Sword Thief, and Beyond the Grave. The last adventure, last clue, left us in Cairo, Egypt. Where will this next clue lead the Cahill brother-sister team of Amy and Dan? Russia! When these two receive a mysterious telegram from "NRR" these two decide to act on their own--leaving their nanny and cat behind. But they soon realize that this one clue is much too big to try to solve alone. Who should they trust? What family secrets will they learn? Is NRR a friend or foe?

I'm really starting to enjoy this series. At first I had my doubts. But now I find myself looking forward to starting the next book. I think the books are cleverly written. I like the humor. I like the suspense.

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