Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where The Mild Things Are

Where the Mild Things Are: A Very Meek Parody. By Maurice Send-Up. Illustrated by Bonnie Leick. 2009. September 2009. Simon & Schuster. 40 pages.

There was a wonderful land filled with horrible monsters.
They had appalling horns and appalling claws and appalling fur and were drawn with far too many lines, which made them very special.
But Mog wasn't horrible at all. He'd sit quietly in his room, reading the dullest books ever written.
Every couple of days his mother would check to make sure he wasn't dead.

I have never been a fan of Where The Wild Things Are. Not as a kid. Not even as a grown-up. I was hoping that this parody would be something I'd enjoy. But. It wasn't. Perhaps you have to love the original? I'm not sure exactly why this parody didn't work for me. I just know that personally I found the jokes falling flat time and time again. I think it was meant to be funny. That Mog's un-adventures were meant to be really funny. And maybe to you they will be?! Who knows.

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