Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where Teddy Bears Come From

Burgess, Mark. 2009. Where Teddy Bears Come From. Illustrated by Russell Ayto. Peachtree Press. 32 pages.

In the middle of a deep, dark forest, all the creatures were fast asleep except for a little gray wolf, who tossed and turned and couldn't sleep a wink.

I *really* meant to have this one reviewed for Christmas. I read it. I shared it with a couple of friends. I talked about it with my family. But. It didn't get reviewed in time. Instead of pushing it completely aside, I thought I would go ahead and review it now.

What is this one about? And why should you read it? Why should you make it a part of your holiday season next year? It's about a little wolf who has trouble sleeping. He realizes after hearing a couple of bedtime stories that maybe-just-maybe having a teddy bear could help him out, help him to settle down and sleep peacefully. So he asks his mom where teddy bears come from. She sends him on a journey, a quest. She sends him to the Wise Owl who knows everything. And the Wise Owl sends him...well, I won't tell you just where he goes and who he sees...Will this wolf's quest end in success?

I really enjoyed this one because it has plenty of twists. Of course, if I tell you about those twists now, it would spoil your fun in discovering this one on your own. But trust me, it's a fun, fun story.

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  1. So glad you still reviewed this! It sounds great and one I shall add to my wish list!