Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Joker

Calendar Mysteries #1: January Joker. By Ron Roy. Illustrations by John Steven Gurney. 2009. [December 2009] Random House. 96 pages.

Bradley Pinto sat up in bed. His red hair was flat on one side. He blinked and rubbed his sleepy brown eyes.

Bradley and Brian Pinto team up with two friends, Nate Hathaway and Lucy Armstrong, to solve a mystery in this new series called Calendar Mysteries. These children (first-graders, I believe) all happen to be related (in one way or another) to the kids in the A to Z Mysteries also by Ron Boy. (I've never read an A to Z Mystery, by the way.) What is this mystery they're trying to solve. Well, it's about aliens and UFOs and abductions. The Pinto's dog and pony have turned up missing...along with all the older kids (Dink, Josh, Ruth Rose) who are supposed to be watching them while their parents are out for breakfast. Can these four youngsters solve the case without having to call the police?

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