Friday, January 15, 2010

The Grasshopper Hopped

The Grasshopper Hopped. Elizabeth Alexander. Illustrated by Joung Un Kim. 2010 [January 2010]. Random House. 14 pages.

The grasshopper hopped into the pot,
only to find that the soup was too hot!
The grasshopper hopped out of the pot.
He had to find a cooler spot.

Hippity-hop, hippity-hop

In this rhyming adventure, readers meet a grasshopper who's hopping places he has no business hopping. (That pot of soup isn't the most dangerous either place either.) Where does this grasshopper belong? Will he find the right place to be?

This interactive picture book offers readers the opportunity to 'play' with the grasshopper. The reader can make the grasshopper hop on each page by manipulating tabs.

This one has a repetitive refrain which is a good thing. It means that readers can join in on the action if they want.

I think it is a simple story that offers a bit of fun as well.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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  1. This one looks great-perfect for prek-kindergarten classes in the library! They love rhyming, of course!