Friday, January 8, 2010

The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift. By Mary Newell Depalma. 2010. (January 2010). Scholastic. 32 pages.

Little Lorikeet found something that the larger lorikeets had missed! "I will take this to my grandma," She thought. But it was not easy.

It definitely wasn't easy. This little bird has the toughest time trying to bring the luscious, red, ripe strawberry to her grandmother. When it falls into the water, all seems lost. But with a little help from some new-friends, Lorikeet keeps on keeping on. She perseveres. Determined that she just has to have a gift--the perfect gift--for her grandma. She doesn't want to visit her and not have something to give her. What's a bird to do when all seems lost? Can she find a new perfect gift?

This one has a crocodile. I was being oh-so-silly and completely didn't catch the foreshadowing of the cover! So I was VERY surprised at the turn of events. Luckily, Lorikeet made the right choice.

How often do you miss the obvious? Are you good at picking up clues? Or am I the only silly one out there?!

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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