Tuesday, January 19, 2010

February Friend

Calendar Mysteries #2: February Friend. Illustrations by John Steven Gurney. 2009. [December 2009] Random House. 80 pages.

"I love Valentine's Day," Bradley Pinto told his twin brother. They were walking to school. Both boys had green caps pulled down over their red hair.

Douglas has been abandoned. Mr. Vooray's first graders found him in the closet. Poor Douglas! No wonder he's scared and confused. No wonder he doesn't want to eat or drink. It's a sad, sad world when rabbits can turn into mysteries waiting to be solved. Bradley and friends have the privilege of taking this unexpected-and-new class pet home with them for the weekend. But it's all so overwhelming for Douglas that the vet gives the kids bad news. His owner needs to be found. And fast. That is this rabbit's best chance. By using three photographs included in the box along with the rabbit and his cage (and food) can these four friends solve the mystery in time?

The first in the series is January Joker.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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