Friday, January 22, 2010

Maisy's Book Tower

Maisy's Book Tower. Lucy Cousins. 2010. [February 2010]. Candlewick. 80 pages.

Is it a book? Is it a toy? That may be something your little one will have to decide for him/herself. This book tower is made of 4 chunky books. Think wee little board books. Little board books that are relatively close to actual-block size*. We have Maisy's Favorite Things, Maisy's Favorite Animals, Maisy's Favorite Toys, Maisy's Favorite Clothes. Each chunky book is 20 pages. Each page has a word/picture. So in Maisy's Favorite Things we learn that Maisy likes milk, juice, cake, jell-o, and flowers.

*If they'd made books this size when I was growing up I would have been oh-so-happy. These would so be books for Barbie. Well, not Barbie herself. But think Heart Family, Happy Family, or Kelly Dolls.

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