Thursday, August 20, 2020

88. Gold in the Hills (Time Spies #8)

Gold in the Hills: A Tale of the Klondike Gold Rush. (Time Spies #8) Candice Ransom. 2008. 128 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: "We're in charge," Mattie Chapman said to to her brother.

Premise/plot: Mattie, Alex, and Sophie are back for their eighth time travel adventure in Gold in the Hills. The three children time travel to the Alaskan Territory in 1897 in the midst of a gold rush. The siblings meet several different rushers--including a young Jack London. Their quest has them helping a young boy rescue his kidnapped dog!

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this one. This is the last book in the series that I own. (There are two more that I do not own. Since they were published in 2008, I'm not likely to come across them easily. If I do spot them, I'd probably buy them.) Overall, I've enjoyed the series very much. I like how each book can stand alone.

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