Wednesday, August 5, 2020

83. Signals in the Sky

Signals in the Sky. (Time Spies #5) Candice Ransom. 2007. 119 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: "It's your fault," Alex Chapman said. "We have to do yard work because you got us in trouble."

Premise/plot: Alex, Mattie, and Sophie are back for their fifth adventure. This time the siblings are heading back to some dark days in America's past--the middle of the Civil War. These siblings will do their best to reunite two siblings separated and divided by war before a big battle. One fights for the Union; the other for the Confederacy. They will also learn about how both sides used spies--and signaling.

My thoughts: I definitely am enjoying this series. I worry that this one might not be considered politically correct in this new cancel-culture we're living in where it's not "good" to consider both sides to be actually American and where confederate soldiers are supposed to be evil incarnate instead of you know just fallible human beings. All that being said, nothing in the book glorifies this war in particular or war in general.

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