Monday, April 27, 2020

55. The Search for Delicious

The Search for Delicious. Natalie Babbitt. 1969/1998. 167 pages. [Source: Library] [J Fantasy; J Fiction; Children's Classic]

First sentence: There was a time once when the earth was still very young, a time some call the oldest days.

Premise/plot: Can something so simple and insignificant as choosing which food should represent the word DELICIOUS in a dictionary tear a kingdom apart?! Perhaps. Gaylan, the Prime Minister's adopted son, is given the task of traveling the kingdom and polling people. This is AFTER asking the question among the royal court proved so problematic! Does it really matter at the end of the day if it is an APPLE or CHRISTMAS PUDDING or APPLE TART or FRUIT CAKE or a hundred different other options?! Does this kingdom stand a chance?

My thoughts: I thought this was a treat of a children's book! I think it would make a great classroom read aloud. It almost begs readers to conduct a poll of their own. I enjoyed the cozy feel of this one as well. I would definitely recommend this one

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