Thursday, April 2, 2020

47. Dandelion Fire

Dandelion Fire. (100 Cupboards #2) N.D. Wilson. 2008. 480 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Kansas is not easily impressed.

Premise/plot: Henry York stars in the second book of the 100 Cupboards trilogy, Dandelion Fire. The novel opens with Henry fearing that his days in Kansas are numbered. His parents have returned to the states after their adventure, it’s only a matter of days or weeks. There isn’t a strong connection or bond between parent and child. Henry loves his uncle and aunt, his three cousins, his new life in Kansas. He worries that it will be years before he can try to find out more about his birth parents, his home country, the whys of how he came to be in this world...if he has to go back to Boston.

Henry and Henrietta seek to explore the cupboards more during these last weeks...but there are a few obstacles...

My thoughts: I found this a compelling fantasy. I greatly enjoyed revisiting the main characters, especially Uncle Frank, Henrietta and, of course, Henry. I may have loved this one even more than the first book. The writing style is delightful.

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