Friday, April 3, 2020

48. The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King. (100 Cupboards #3) N.D. Wilson. 2010. 482 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Every year, Kansas watches the world die.

Premise/plot: Henry York Maccabee faces all his fears and does battle with evil incarnate in the final book of the series.

My thoughts: Why so short? Am I lazy? Perhaps. But it’s also the final book in series. It will only appeal to those that have read the other two books. The books should not be read out of order. The books don’t stand alone. By now you’re either attached to the characters, love the action, love the writing...and will read the book yourself no matter how short or long my review. Or not.

I loved the first two books more. I am trying to decide why. Is my lack of love a timing issue? If I wasn’t housebound due to Covid 19...if I was sleeping better...would the scary thrills have appealed to me?!?! Maybe. But for whatever reason nightmares followed every night I read this one.

I did care about the characters which is why I didn’t abandon this one. I think it’s probably just me or the timing. Though sometimes I do end up liking the middle book best.

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